Thursday, December 25, 2014

Fantasy Football Roundup

I am currently suffering through a 256K DSL connection (f'realz), so this will probably be short and sweet.

When I ranked my team after the initial draft, I was given a very low ranking - most people thought my team sucked.  Then Adrian Peterson was suspended.

Somehow, my team banded together, jelled and this happened:

And so it came to the first round of the playoffs.  I was reasonably confident in my team.  They had been on a roll lately.  And then Aaron Rodgers decided to have his career-worst game.  Luckily, my opponent's QB was even worse!

The game was extremely close, but in the end:

Had Firestarters started any other QB, I would have been sitting on the sidelines.  Instead, I was onto the Super Bowl!  

All week long, I debated started a different WR or TE (like every other game!).  Instead, I decided to go with what got me there.

It hurt that I left this on the bench, when I really, really, really wanted to start them instead:
Still, I was in good shape.  Aaron would redeem himself.  Everyone else would feed off of his energy and we would take home the trophy!  Except, wait...

Le'Veon Bell decided to join Aaron in mediocrity during the most important week of our season!  Still, we had a chance.  C.J. Anderson had a monster game, but ultimately fell a little short of carrying us all by himself to the Promised Land.

Afterwards, we all hugged each other.  We forgave Aaron Rodgers for some of his sins - after all, he's still a GB Packer!

See you next year!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Thanks (for nothing), Rex! (AKA - Week 3 of Fantasy Football)

I'll say it - Rex Ryan cost me a victory.  Via
EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Following a two-touchdown performance, Bears tight end Martellus Bennett said he felt disrespected by New York Jets coach Rex Ryan leading up to Chicago's 27-19 Monday night victory at MetLife Stadium. 
"Today I felt a little disrespected," Bennett told reporters in the postgame locker room. "We [the Bears] played a highlight video, and in the highlight video, Rex is talking about [how the Bears] have monsters on the outside with [receivers] Brandon [Marshall] and Alshon [Jeffery], and he was like, 'Oh, yeah, the tight end is a big dude.' 
"I feel like when he talks about me he should talk about me with enthusiasm as well. He was just kind of monotone when he mentioned me. I was kind of [upset] about that. I feel like when somebody talks about me they should use some enthusiasm. 
"So I came out clicking. I was too jittery in the beginning trying to make a whole lot of plays, and I missed some balls here and there. But I kind of calmed down in the second half and got back to normal."

Getting "back to normal" meant dropping 22 points on me, in a game that I lost by 6 points. I did have a chance to win, but somehow did not start DeSean Jackson (going with Chris Johnson in the Flex position).  

Furthermore, my team has been decimated by injuries and suspensions - besides the AP situation, my starting TE is out for the season, and my other TE hasn't played since week one.  Back to the waiver wire!

The bloody stats:
A Rodgers
P. Manning
L. Bell
F. Gore
I. Cromwell
E. Lacy
P Garcon
R. Wayne
S. Watkins
M. Sanu
D Pitta
M. Bennett
C. Johnson
K. Davis
J Tucker

Monday, September 22, 2014

Yo! Adrian! (AKA - Week 2 of Fantasy Football)

Remember back in the preseason, how excited I was about getting Adrian Peterson and Aaron Rodgers?  What's that old saying, "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it?"

Enough about AP - there might be a separate blog post dedicated specifically to him later.

Going into Sunday night's game (Bears vs San Fran), I needed Michael Crabtree and Matt Forte to combine for -1 points to win.  Jay Cutler fumbles the first snap, Michael Crabtree gets a touchdown on the first SF play, and the rout is on.

Sickening.  Here's the bloody stats:

A Rodgers
D. Brees
C. Johnson
M. Forte
I. Cromwell
R. Matthews
P Garcon
A. Johnson
V Jackson
A. Brown
D Pitta
J. Witten
L Bell
M. Crabtree
J Tucker
S. Gostkowski

Saturday, September 13, 2014

David vs Goliath (AKA - Week 1 of Fantasy Football)

Week One

So there i was, staring at my lineup - do I go with Aaron Rodgers of the hated Packers against my number 1 defense (Seattle)?  Do I switch it up and use my 2nd QB, who hasn't done well in the preseason (Robert Griffin III) or my 2nd defense (KC)?  In the end, I choose to go with Aaron Rodgers and KC, but even then, I was projected to lose by 50 points.

I had already moved Chris Johnson to start at running back, but at the last minute,  added Le'Veon Bell in at W/R Flex, which proved to be a great decision, as the two ofthem combined for over 50 points, in route to a 20 point victory over the heavily favored Firestarters.

By position:
QBA Rodgers8.06N Foles17.38
RBC. Johnson20.10C Spiller16.85
RBA Peterson11.30B Tate4.10
WRP Garcon17.70D Thomas8.80
WRV Jackson7.60A Jeffery12.10
TED Pitta18.30J Graham16.20
W/R/FlexL Bell33.70E Sanders14.80
KJ Tucker4.00M Bryant18.00

Saturday, August 23, 2014

NFL Fantasy Football - 2014 Blog #1 - The Draft

I recently joined an NFL Fantasy Football league, and decided to try to write a blog about it each week.  It's hosted via and last night we held the live (on-live) draft.  It's a 10 team league, with 15 rounds of the draft.  I had the #3 pick in the draft.  

The draft went different than how I thought it would.  Going in, I was hoping to get some stud receivers early, devaluing the RB position.  I would also have liked to pair up a QB/receiver combo - Cutler & Marshall or Jeffries would be ideal. A secondary goal was to take some chances - get some players who have the potential to be game-busters if things happen right, while still having enough proven talent to be a contender.

So, after all is said - here is my team, by position, along with commentary:
- Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay
- Robert Griffin III Washington
 - Rodgers is expected to have a monster this year, and will start most weeks.  However, week 1 he plays my one of my defenses, so RG3 will probably start against a weaker team.  It's quite possible that he'll revert back to his rookie year's numbers and be a very solid back-up or trade-bait (maybe someone hitched their wagon to Jay Cutler?).

- Adrian Peterson, Minnesota
- Le'Veon Bell, Pittsburgh
- Chris Johnson, Jets
- AP and LVB should both put up good numbers this year.  CJ2K will hopefully have a chip on his shoulder, and fill in the Flex spot and I'm hoping Geno Smith plays just good enough where teams can't put 8 or 9 men in the box to stop the run.

- Pierre Garcon, Wash
- Vincent Jackson, TB
- Dwayne Bowe, KC
- Mike Evans, TB
- Sammy Watkins, Buffalo
- Solid, if not spectacular WRs - I'm hoping the two rookies (Evans and Watkins) are lightning in the bottle and do some fun things, especially early in the season.

- Jordan Reed, Wash
- Dennis Pitta, Baltimore
- It seems that I've gone all-in on the 'Skins, which is odd because I picked them to be last in their division.  In any case, from an FFL standpoint, I think I have the best TE's in this league.  I expect one to slide the the Flex, or become trade-bait.

- Justin Tucker, Baltimore
- One of the best, IMO, and should have lots of chances for FGs.

- Seattle
- Kansas City
- Wow, talk about having a excess of talent.  Assuming I keep them both, I can play the odds week to week and choose the one that should have the best go of it.

So there you have it...  What do you think?

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Facebook, First Amendments and other F-words

If you don't like offensive language, or little kids are reading over your shoulders, stop reading.

Fuck Facebook.  Fuck the literal interpretations of the fucking First Amendment.  Fuck trolls.  I hope there is a God.  Like, a pagan, ass-kicking God, or maybe a crankier Old Testament one, and he decides to take a person interest in these fucking jerks.

Some asshole created a trolling page that was mocking yesterday's tragedy.  I, and several others, reported it.  Here is Facebook's response:


Thanks for your recent report of a potential violation on Facebook. After reviewing your report, we were not able to confirm that the specific page you reported violates Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.
Learn more about what we do and don't allow by reviewing the Facebook Community Standards:


Thanks, Viki.  That's wonderful.

I was then informed by a friend that my status message was missing.  I scrolled through my timeline and it's gone.  So, I filled out Viki's survey to tell them about the process of reporting violations.  Question 3 was loaded, reading "Please tell us why your issue was not resolved:"

My answer:
An asshole makes a page to troll and make fun of kindergarden-aged kids getting shot, and YOU DO NOT REMOVE IT, citing the First Amendment.
However, you then REMOVE MY STATUS MESSAGE ASKING people to report that page. 

I guess the First Amendment only covers hatemongers and not people who care about innocent victims.

Still with me?  Shocking. 

Anyway, unless I get some kind of satisfactory response from Facebook, I'm shutting down that account down on  Christmas morning.  Call, text or follow me on Twitter.

I urge you to do the same.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Art & Craft of Computer Programming

The best cooks talked about the very basic elements of cooking.
- Michael Ruhlman, The Soul of a Chef

I talk quite often about my adoration of Chef Gordon Ramsay, because of his relentless drive for excellence. His Kitchen Nightmares show, while following a cookie-cutter approach of fixing the dynamics between the owners, cleaning the filthy kitchens, cooking simple, fresh food and having an attractive place in which to dine, re-enforce his belief in quality. It doesn't matter if you're paying $300 for a meal, or $30, you should still have a good, fresh meal, in a nice looking place, with a pleasant atmosphere.

I'm turning my back on words now
no more weighing the worth of observations.
the poet's voice dried with the search for perfection,
and i just wanna sing a simple song.
- Poi dog Pondering, Simple Song

Likewise, I talk a lot about certain bands, most notably Poi dog Pondering. In 25 years, they've put out seven studio CDs and a handful of live ones. Certainly not the most prolific of bands (witness SAGA, with something like 31 CDs since 1987), they continue to stay true to the current vision of the leader, Frank Orrall. Each live show leaves the audience in a state of euphoria - more seasoned "Poi Pounders" collect in certain areas, talking amongst themselves, discussing different versions of songs, comparing setlists and catching up with each other's lives - like junkies unwilling to leave the crackhouse, even though they've just scored, while "Poi virgins" wander around like the newly converted, silly grins like they've just been told the secrets of the universe.

Part of the attraction is the music, strong beats that ebb and flow, pulling you along with them, but a major part is the charisma and force of conviction in both Frank and his bandmates that what they most want to do, what their primal purpose in life is, is to play for their friends, and at that moment, you are among their closest friends.

Cooking and music are, to me, two examples of industries that marry art and craft together. To create the perfect meal, the cook has to pick out sublime ingredients that go well together (artistry), and execute the physical cooking flawlessly (craft). Only the crafting part can be taught - the rest needs to come from within your soul Likewise, anyone can learn to play a guitar (maybe not on par with Eddie van Halen or Eric Clapton), but to be able to have a solo that makes the crowd explode with excitement takes both confidence and that inner spark of talent.

It is with these traits in mind that I want to have a mini-rant against computer programmers.

Recently, one of our software vendors and I had a discussion about an issue we had where the software worked one way, and we needed it to do something different [yes, I'm being intentionally vague]. He had me explain the problem in detail, then we looked at how the program worked, and then he asked for some time to come up with "an elegant solution."

Originally, I balked, thinking that we don't have time to waste when a fairly obvious solution easily presented itself.

But then I took a second to really think about what he said..."an elegant solution." I realize that in three words, he summed up the biggest beef I have with the work of many programmers over the years (and I'm sure I'm including myself in this).

Many times, programmers look at their current assignment and do the literal change only - not taking the time to read surrounding code or to understand the requirements better. This might be OK for junior level programmers (who should not be writing completed logic without supervision), but far too often more experienced coders fall into the same pitfalls.

Additionally, they will just put the patch in place as quickly as possible - instead of re-writing sections of code that can be made more efficient and cleaner - creating the eleqant solution. While this is perceived to be working efficiently (because you can quickly make the fix you need and move onto the next task), it ultimately decreases both the programmer's productivity and increases the likelihood of future bugs because these lazy and sloppy coding techniques lead to logic errors - errors that might not be caught during the QC and testing phase, and may not actually be found ever...until a new business requirement forces a change upstream that causes your poorly written changes to fail.

For example, let's look at a report that would originally print the invoice number and the invoice status (which is a single digit field). Users are requesting that the status be an English word that shows the status (i.e., Open instead of O). Joe Programmer makes a quick change to the program, and adds a simple CASE statement to display the field. [Don't worry, you do not need to be technical or proficient in our programming language to understand.]

          INVOICE.STATUS.DESC = 'Open'
          INVOICE.STATUS.DESC = 'Closed'

What the above code block does is checks the value of INVOICE.STATUS and sets a new variable (INVOICE.STATUS.DESC) into something more user friendly. Then, it prints the invoice number and status description (probably to the printer).

A correct CASE statement should always have a CASE 1 phrase that sets the values to an error condition. However, this is not required, so many programmers leave it out.

Using the above example, let's look at three invoices (0001, 0002 and 0003). The first and third invoices are open, but (using new VOID.INVOICE logic), the second one has a status of "V." Here is what would be printed:

0001        Open
0002        Open
0003        Open

Everything looks good, but it's wrong! Joe should have added the following two lines of code to his change:

     CASE 1
          INVOICE.STATUS.DESC = 'Unknown'

The users would then have seen the lines below and called to have someone fix it.

0001        Open
0002        Unknown
0003        Open

Programmers: Take inspiration from your favorite musician. Eat a good meal and admire the craftsmanship and artistry involved in the whole experience. Spend time looking at other people's code, understanding how and why they wrote something one way (vs the way you would have done it). Go the extra mile and do the work properly.

Remember - cooking, being a musician and programming a computer can all be taught to anyone willing to learn. However, you need that desire for perfection to open up the artistic side needed to become truly excellent at your profession. Like the Gatorade you have it in you?