Sunday, May 22, 2011

Decluttering... (Part 1)

One of the opportunities that has arisen out of this move is a chance to declutter my possessions, and in some ways, my life.  That's the mantra I'm going with for the next few weeks - concentrating on removing 1/2 started hobbies and selling many of my unused possessions.

To that end, we held a garage sale on Thursday-Friday of this week.  Why on Thursday/Friday?  Why not on Saturday/Sunday?  Apparently, Thursday is the best day to hold garage sales.  It's hard to argue with the results.  On Thursday, without any noticeable reduction in "inventory", we made over $400.  Friday came in around $250.  This was the precursor to the big garage sale...since it was too hard to organize everything in time to hold it.  In other words, we needed to sell stuff to make room to sell our stuff!

I don't want to shill for myself, but I will (briefly).  We have some bigger items (TV stand, DVD cabinet, stereo stand, leather couch, grill, possibly heavy wrought-iron patio furniture), stereo equipment (headlined by a Denon receiver and 5 Klipsch speakers) and a LOT of girl's baby clothes to sell.  If you're interested, stop by, call or email. :)  Mention the blog and get a discount! 

We've also donated a bunch of items that wouldn't sell well at a garage sale to Goodwill.  I was amazed at how easy a process it was - I literally pulled around to the side of the building, where there's a covered drop-off spot - and opened the back door of the minivan.  A worker there handed me the donation form (for tax purposes) and a voucher for 2 Rascall Flatts tickets (given away at work).  He then carried in the bags while I unloaded them, and I suspect I wouldn't even have had to do that much!  Congrats, Goodwill, on a smooth and efficient process.  Of course, now that I write that, and have to repeat it again today, I'm assuring myself that it won't be nearly as easy.

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