Saturday, August 23, 2014

NFL Fantasy Football - 2014 Blog #1 - The Draft

I recently joined an NFL Fantasy Football league, and decided to try to write a blog about it each week.  It's hosted via and last night we held the live (on-live) draft.  It's a 10 team league, with 15 rounds of the draft.  I had the #3 pick in the draft.  

The draft went different than how I thought it would.  Going in, I was hoping to get some stud receivers early, devaluing the RB position.  I would also have liked to pair up a QB/receiver combo - Cutler & Marshall or Jeffries would be ideal. A secondary goal was to take some chances - get some players who have the potential to be game-busters if things happen right, while still having enough proven talent to be a contender.

So, after all is said - here is my team, by position, along with commentary:
- Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay
- Robert Griffin III Washington
 - Rodgers is expected to have a monster this year, and will start most weeks.  However, week 1 he plays my one of my defenses, so RG3 will probably start against a weaker team.  It's quite possible that he'll revert back to his rookie year's numbers and be a very solid back-up or trade-bait (maybe someone hitched their wagon to Jay Cutler?).

- Adrian Peterson, Minnesota
- Le'Veon Bell, Pittsburgh
- Chris Johnson, Jets
- AP and LVB should both put up good numbers this year.  CJ2K will hopefully have a chip on his shoulder, and fill in the Flex spot and I'm hoping Geno Smith plays just good enough where teams can't put 8 or 9 men in the box to stop the run.

- Pierre Garcon, Wash
- Vincent Jackson, TB
- Dwayne Bowe, KC
- Mike Evans, TB
- Sammy Watkins, Buffalo
- Solid, if not spectacular WRs - I'm hoping the two rookies (Evans and Watkins) are lightning in the bottle and do some fun things, especially early in the season.

- Jordan Reed, Wash
- Dennis Pitta, Baltimore
- It seems that I've gone all-in on the 'Skins, which is odd because I picked them to be last in their division.  In any case, from an FFL standpoint, I think I have the best TE's in this league.  I expect one to slide the the Flex, or become trade-bait.

- Justin Tucker, Baltimore
- One of the best, IMO, and should have lots of chances for FGs.

- Seattle
- Kansas City
- Wow, talk about having a excess of talent.  Assuming I keep them both, I can play the odds week to week and choose the one that should have the best go of it.

So there you have it...  What do you think?