Saturday, September 13, 2014

David vs Goliath (AKA - Week 1 of Fantasy Football)

Week One

So there i was, staring at my lineup - do I go with Aaron Rodgers of the hated Packers against my number 1 defense (Seattle)?  Do I switch it up and use my 2nd QB, who hasn't done well in the preseason (Robert Griffin III) or my 2nd defense (KC)?  In the end, I choose to go with Aaron Rodgers and KC, but even then, I was projected to lose by 50 points.

I had already moved Chris Johnson to start at running back, but at the last minute,  added Le'Veon Bell in at W/R Flex, which proved to be a great decision, as the two ofthem combined for over 50 points, in route to a 20 point victory over the heavily favored Firestarters.

By position:
QBA Rodgers8.06N Foles17.38
RBC. Johnson20.10C Spiller16.85
RBA Peterson11.30B Tate4.10
WRP Garcon17.70D Thomas8.80
WRV Jackson7.60A Jeffery12.10
TED Pitta18.30J Graham16.20
W/R/FlexL Bell33.70E Sanders14.80
KJ Tucker4.00M Bryant18.00

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