Thursday, December 25, 2014

Fantasy Football Roundup

I am currently suffering through a 256K DSL connection (f'realz), so this will probably be short and sweet.

When I ranked my team after the initial draft, I was given a very low ranking - most people thought my team sucked.  Then Adrian Peterson was suspended.

Somehow, my team banded together, jelled and this happened:

And so it came to the first round of the playoffs.  I was reasonably confident in my team.  They had been on a roll lately.  And then Aaron Rodgers decided to have his career-worst game.  Luckily, my opponent's QB was even worse!

The game was extremely close, but in the end:

Had Firestarters started any other QB, I would have been sitting on the sidelines.  Instead, I was onto the Super Bowl!  

All week long, I debated started a different WR or TE (like every other game!).  Instead, I decided to go with what got me there.

It hurt that I left this on the bench, when I really, really, really wanted to start them instead:
Still, I was in good shape.  Aaron would redeem himself.  Everyone else would feed off of his energy and we would take home the trophy!  Except, wait...

Le'Veon Bell decided to join Aaron in mediocrity during the most important week of our season!  Still, we had a chance.  C.J. Anderson had a monster game, but ultimately fell a little short of carrying us all by himself to the Promised Land.

Afterwards, we all hugged each other.  We forgave Aaron Rodgers for some of his sins - after all, he's still a GB Packer!

See you next year!

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